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Best Workout Routine to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get Stronger

best workout routine


These workout plans are what I consider the best workout routine for men or women wanting to lose belly fat fast, get stronger and improve their overall fitness and athleticism. The best workout routine always focuses on full body, functional movements, high intensity, short duration and heavy. Intensity and ‘heavy’ depends on you. Start slow, learn proper form and have fun. The more you exercise and have fun doing it, the more you will want to exercise and ramp up the intensity. Build intensity one layer at a time. Don’t be in a hurry.

Best Workout Routine – September 12, 2013

Box Jump 91 @ 18″ (higher box or add burpee next repeat workout)


FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT 5 REPS EVERY MINUTE – 15 MIN.                                      
Deadlift 75 @ 177 lb. (Felt good. 200 lb. next workout)


FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT REPS – as many sets as it takes (18:25)
Chin-Up 25 (add 5 to next repeat workout)
Reverse Push-Up 50 (Good burn)
Plank 2 Minutes
Kettle Bell Swing 50 @ 45 lb. (Very good heart rate)
Air Squat 50 (Nice quadricep burn)


I loved this workout. Only disappointment was the box jump as I didn’t have a 31″ box available. I usually use a rock outside but it was raining and I didn’t feel like getting wet. I know, call me a wimp. So, I used my 18″ weight bench instead and it didn’t do it for me. Decent quadricep burn but heart rate wasn’t high enough and that is one of the primary objectives of the box jump. Adding a burpee to each rep would have definitely got my heart racing. Next time, I’ll add a burpee if my outside rock isn’t available.

Remember, these are ideas for you. Either do the same workout routine and just adjust the weight to whatever is best for you, or pick and choose. Individualize this to what works best for you.

Post workout recovery drink: Almond milk, SunWarrior warrior blend chocolate protein, pumpkin seeds, maca root, peanut butter, banana and ice. Very tasty.


Best Workout Routine – September 11, 2013

Snatch 5 reps every minute for 6 minutes @ 89 lb.
Snatch 3 reps every minute for 9 minutes @ 89 lb.


FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT REPS – as many sets as it takes             
Pull-Up 25
Push-Up 50
Straight-leg Sit-Up 50
Push-press 25 @ 89 lb.
Air Squat 50
Burpee 25


I noticed my knees ‘grind’ when they moved over my feet, and didn’t ‘grind’ when my butt sat properly and my knees stayed in-line. That was an interesting discovery for me and gives me a real guide for proper form. The ‘grinding’ came from a high school knee injury.

This was a very good workout plan for me, good enough to put it in my ‘best workout routine’ category. I’m learning the Snatch and using lighter weight than some of you may use. But, that’s okay. I’m in this for life and most interested in continual progress. That can only happen if I stay injury-free, right?

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