Today I Met Carol

Today, I met Carol from Ohio. Homeless for three years but still with some hope that things will get better. I see Carol almost every day in the same spot, holding her sign and asking for money. For 18 months, I've silently passed Carol on my … [Read more]

Which Leader Are You?

I'm sitting in a meeting with several people and Leader #1. Leader #1 is clearly someone who motivates others to act through love and kindness, by asking inspired questions, then empowering others with the ability to solve their own … [Read more]

Leadership and Influencing Action

Leadership is about loving and serving others and being true to your purpose. It’s about creating an impact (real change and momentum) within your circle of influence regardless of its size. Greatness is not a matter of size and scale, but of … [Read more]

Empower and Coach

Successful leaders delegate meaningful responsibility to others and give them the authority to act for themselves in a way that will stretch their capacity and allow them to gain confidence through successes and even learnings through periodic … [Read more]

You Are Already Great

All of us struggle with a flawed self-perception to some degree or another. What we see in the mirror is different from how God sees us. As a child of a loving and all-powerful God, you have infinite potential and greatness already within you. … [Read more]